One pot loaf

This recipe is my favourite bread recipe as its so easy!! It does need to rest for 12 hours so I always make the mix the night before I want to bake it.

This bread is made for International Collection Dipping Olive Oil with balsamic vinegar and italian herbs, both are so good I ended up eating this for breakfast as soon as the bread had cooled.

With this recipe any flour works I have tried all purpose, bread flour, wholemeal and have even made it sweet with raisins and cinnamon sugar. The one photographed is flour with sunflower and grains added to the mix.

*Warning* the pot will get seriously hot have oven gloves or dry towels to hand!


45 mins






3 cups of flour
1 tsp active dry yeast
1 tsp salt
1.5 cup of water

You will need a cast iron pot/dutch oven


In a large bowl mix all the ingredients and cover with plastic wrap. Leave for 12 hours, over night works well.

When ready to bake bread, place the cast iron pot in the oven and pre heat the oven to 450/475 (the hottest your oven will go)

Once the oven is up to temperature carefully remove the dutch oven and place the mix into the centre. Replace the lid and return to the oven for 40 mins.

Once golden brown, remove from the pot and leave to cool.

Serve with International Collection Dipping Olive Oil with Balsamic Vinegar and Italian Herbs

The bread and dipping oil makes a great centre piece for a buffet lunch with Italian cheeses, olives and cured meats. Delicious!