Red Palm Oil

Red Palm oil not only protects your health but also makes an excellent cooking oil. The antioxidant content makes it an extremely stable oil and highly resistant to heat. It has a high smoke point of 437°F making it suitable for all types of cooking.

Because it's packed with health-giving nutrients, it enhances the nutrient content of foods. One of the great things about cooking with Red Palm oil is that when heated, it does not lose these valuable nutrients. Even fried foods, which many consider unhealthy, are more.

How to enjoy
  • Use in recipes that call for vegetable oil, margarine, shortening, or some other fat, you can substitute with Red Palm oil
Key Facts
  • 100% natural
  • Rich in vitamin A & E
  • Grown and processed under Good Agricultural and Good Manufacturing practices
  • Rich in carotenes (powerful antioxidants) Red palm oil with give your food a yellowish or orange color, depending on how much you use
  • GMO free
  • Cholesterol, carb, trans fat & sodium free
  • Pressed
Nutrition per 15ml
Energy  kJ/kcal 555.0
Fat 15.0
Of which  
Saturates 6.0
Monosaturates 6.9
Polyunsaturates 2.1
Of which  

Red Palm oil


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