Sherry Wine Vinegar

Derived from oak aged Spanish sherry and naturally fermented to give a full bodied flavor. It has a slightly sweet taste and is perfect for blending with nut oils for a sophisticated dressing.

Sherry Wine vinegar is produced from wine made from Palomino Fino grapes grown in southern Spain.

Sherry vinegar goes through a maturation process, which turns the sherry vinegar from a pale liquid to a deeply colored aromatic liquid. Often referred to as the ‘Premium Vinegar’.

How to enjoy

  • Use in dressings and marinades
  • Blend with nut oils to create a delicious vinaigrette
  • Drizzle over vegetables, pasta, meats and fish
  • Combine with honey and pour over lamb when roasting. If you also place sliced onions in the roasting pan – it produces a very tasty sauce
  • Add to stews, casseroles and broths
Key Facts
  • Fat free
  • 1% carb, 0.012% sodium

Sherry Wine Vinegar


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