29 March, 2016

Fire up your mealtimes!

Our new products are unique and innovative in the market. Both oils are created with a blend of premium oil and natural flavors to deliver smoke and heat to recipes with supreme convenience. We only use European canola oil which is 100% non GMO. Canola oil is a very healthy oil with 10% Omega 3 and has the lowest saturated fats of any vegetable oil.

SmokeHouse oil

Brand new to International Collection Specialty oils is our rich Gourmet SmokeHouse oil. This all-natural oil imparts a smoky bacon flavor to any dish, whether sweet or savory.

Why not try…

  • Over your favorite cut of meat
  • Drizzled over warm salads
  • Poured over roast vegetables
  • Splashed over French fries
  • Dip crusty bread in and toast to make tasty croutons
  • Stirred into winter soups

FireHouse oil

Our exciting new FireHouse oil has a fiery sriracha flavor to add heat and complexity to your favorite recipes.

Some great suggestions

  • Great to add flavor to deviled eggs / eggs benedict
  • Use to make sriracha glazed chicken wings
  • Marinate meat for the BBQ
  • Drizzle on your pizzas
  • Add to guacamole to give it a fiery twist