Champagne Wine Vinegar

International Collection Champagne Wine vinegar is made using the champagne that is lost after the second fermentation. The grapes used to originally make champagne are naturally from the Champagne region of France.

The champagne is transformed into vinegar (acetic acid) by a process called acetic fermentation. A bacteria called ‘microderma aceti’ is added to the champagne which converts the alcohol to vinegar.

Since champagne was used as an initial ingredient, the flavor of the champagne remains in the vinegar.

Light, crisp and delicate in flavor, it is ideal for vinaigrettes and cheese dishes. It is used extensively in French cuisine.

How to enjoy

Champagne Wine Vinegar

  • Blend with butter for a classic French spread
  • Use as an ingredient in chutneys for extra flavor  
  • Mix with garlic, basil peppers and chili – use to marinate olives
  • Combine with water and soak fish before cooking
  • Add Champagne Wine vinegar to salad dressings
  • Use to liven up hollandaise and béarnaise sauces
Key Facts
  • Fat free
  • 0% carbs, 0% sodium

French Champagne Wine Vinegar


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